Practice as my therapy

The primary purpose of psychology is to heal through the soul … thereby defining and studying the concept of “soul.” Practical and modern psychology finds different ways of healing and interpreting the soul. Perhaps a more “modern” approach might be to involve and apply spiritual teachings.

You must have been told many times in life that when you’re stressed you should breathe deeply, sit down for a moment and concentrate on the present. If you’ve heard any of this before or even if not, note that breathing, focusing on the present, reassessing yourself, relaxing your muscles are the pillars of yoga.

Many would argue about this, but I think yoga is one of the greatest values ​​of mind-expanding doctrines as a steady yoga practice (be that physical or spiritual) can outline a long-term direction, a direction in life. Of course, as with any therapy, in self-exploration, it is up to you how you use your energies and how you create a chance for yourself to feel good.

Immerse yourself. Build. Think.

Outline the direction you want to follow.

Take a moment. Appreciate. Relax.