Coronavirus diaries vol.4.– “Come out of this stronger”

So no matter whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic, no matter what you believe in, no matter what you read in the past few months .. what matters is to acknowledge we’re here right now, we’re being impacted and – even if it’s hard to believe in that – we’ll come out of this stronger. Let me add quickly: I’m not an expert and I’m sorry if this post isn’t the most spiritual one but sharing my point of view – especially in this series – almost feels like right to do so. (Anyone reading this blog from the future; this is a post from the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine of 2020.)

I’ve been reading lots of articles, listening to podcasts and attending virtual talks to understand what’s going on. There is no clear picture but we can all comprehend, the economic recovery is going to take longer than falling into recession, so the past few months will have a huge impact on the upcoming years. Everyone is looking at scenarios. We don’t know how long all this will last. We don’t know when next spikes will hit. What we know and can do is to prepare for a number of scenarios. Both in our personal, professional lives and in our mindsets.
They say: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Isn’t that true?
I mean we almost can learn more from bad times than from good times. If we use this time as opportunity to re-evaluate where and how we can be better – with ourselves, in our projects, at work, in our relationships – then surely we can somehow benefit from it.

Of course for many of us this period isn’t about understanding ourselves or dig deeper in our feelings, but rather to stay above the water. For many of us is unthinkable to think or feel right now as are in survivor mode. But we must keep our head up to get through this. We must keep our essence, our balance and make sure we get to the other side. Make sure you have energies and willingness to be there when this is all over.

Let’s remember to have humility. Don’t get too overconfident. Keep challenging yourself. React quickly. Don’t forget that we’re all relying on each other so that we can come out of this stronger. We must, and we will.

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