Corona diaries vol 2.– “Staying at home”

This is a very complex topic and I’ll just scratch the surface but want to share the one sentence that has helped me to get through this staying at home phase: if you cannot go outside, go inside. Cheesy? Yes, but somewhat true.

I’m the type of person that goes out when the sun shines and loves outdoors so staying indoors hasn’t been easy. I’ve been like this since I was a kid; if weather allowed it I was the first one to go outside. Even today, the sky cannot be cloudy enough for me to stay inside. Then time to time, I’d work from home, like a day or two per week. But this new forced lifestyle of staying at home 24/7 can be challenging for some people and can be challenging for even the most introvert person since it doesn’t happen by choice. (Anyone reading this blog from the future; this is a post from the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine of 2020.)

I do think that I’m lucky to have the possibility to have a home, stay home, work from home. It’s a huge advantage not many of us have and I’m utterly grateful for that.  But, I feel there is a misconception about staying at home. It’s not all fun, it’s not always a blast. In fact, in my opinion, just because you’re at home that doesn’t mean you have to focus on all the things that you couldn’t do before. This time right now isn’t about self-realisation, at least not for everyone. I won’t say it cannot be a great experience for you but we shouldn’t force ourselves into thinking that we must catch-up on all the things we didn’t have time for before. Give yourself a break if you need it, or finish your projects if that’s what makes you happy. 

For me what worked is that sentence that is almost like a motto for me when I’m in my lowest: if you cannot go outside, go inside.
I also loved the exercise of writing down a few notes to myself about what I like, I miss, I’m curious about and what can help me in this current life phase. It’s super important to realise that what might work for you, simply might not work for me so these are no directions whatsoever, just bits of thoughts that I want to share;

  • I like that I can enjoy our private space for more hours than ever. I really do. Our bright flat never flat so welcoming and it gives us warmth, commodity and some calm too. 
  • I’m curious of the personal side of things. We’ve been sharing our space with my fiancee from day one and it’s very interesting to see how the relationship evolves. How are the happy days, low days, joyful days. How are we moving in it together.
  • I miss though the walks, the runs, the eating outs. I love being outside, discovering my neighbourhood and invite myself for a random walk. Nothing feels better than that and is the simplest thing really. 
  • I welcome routine more than ever. In general routine helps a lot in my days. I love to organise, plan things. But routine came so useful these days. Firstly, working routine. Secondly, exercising at home. Thirdly, morning and evening short meditations. 

Go inside to discover what you have in you. 

Is there a wish to read?

Is there a space to stay quiet?

Is there a thought to be shared? Or, is there a wish to not do anything at all?

Act on it.

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