Corona diaries vol 1.– “Perspective”

It’s been ages since I sat down to write. It somewhat feels fake to find time right now (especially because I don’t have more than any other day I’d), but I’m joining the crowd in dedicating some lines to this weird period of our lives. I have to because there are so many things going on and it’s so hard to keep track and have perspective. (Anyone reading this blog from the future; this is a post from the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine of 2020.)

I wish I could give some advice and tips on what heps… but I don’t think that’s the way to go so it’s not going to be a post of that kind– also because I strongly think that there are no golden rules, no recipes as to what or how you should feel– each of us will have to find a way to feel good and keep things healthy for themselves.
As for me, I’ve been under lockdown since March 12th in Barcelona (this means a strict type lockdown; no walks, no runs, no fresh air.. only essentials are allowed) and when I’m writing these lines that means 38 days spent inside our 45m2 lovely flat for me. I’ve had good and bad days, but let’s be REAL: life feels a rollercoaster right now– there are days when I cry, shout, complain, or others when I feel balanced, happy and lucky. But all in all it’s been an extremely intense period– no matter how many books I read, how many mediations I manage to fit into my days or how many exercise I do.

Also, just like many of us: I had so many plans for 2020 and have been following the entire pandemic since the very beginning so it feels exhausting to be here today, but I guess the really tough part is to accept that all this isn’t under our control. The first weeks I was just slightly worried and was thinking what if all this gets to Europe… then suddenly it became our new reality. After 38 days of quarantine the question isn’t when this is going to end (or what the serious f**k is going really) but rather between cancelling trips to see my family, or getaways with my fiance to Portugal, or even our wedding in Northern Italy for May 9th, did we learn anything?

Is there anything that I can bring with me from this bittersweet experience?

Do I still have perspective?

Do I know what I want?

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